Irish surplus-food recycler Millstream Recycling has recently signed a distribution deal with its new UK partner SugaRich.

According to Millstream Recycling, the agreement marks a substantial increase in the quantity of by-product feeds now available to Irish farmers.

Millstream Recycling specialises in the reuse of foodstuffs from Irish food and drink manufacturers.

Typical products handled by the company include cakes and confectioneries with faulty packaging or have been damaged during manufacturing.

Established in 1995, the Wexford-based company designs solutions for excess food and their factory partners collect the excess food, transporting it back to their facility where it is processed into a rich animal feed.

Its customers include mills, merchants and farmers.

A statement from the company outlined that this is a highly regulated industry that is audited by numerous different bodies but added that this ensures a high-feed quality to its customers.

Head of procurement at Millstream Recycling, Charlie Hogg, said: “The UK has a high food production to farmer ratio and the large supply has slightly outweighed demand for such products over there in recent years.”

With this in mind, Hogg approached SugaRich, a company with an almost identical business model to Millstream’s.

After selling their alternative feeds to UK farmers for over 60 years, they felt it was now time to begin exporting.

Millstream and SugaRich identified two products with guaranteed availability, specifically targeting Irish beef, dairy and pig farmers’ needs: MillRich Confectionery and MillRich Sweet Cake.

Millstream has claimed that both products are “high in an uncommon combination of starch, sugar and oil”.

It added: “The dry and free flowing milled products are composed of a consistent blend of chocolate, sweets, cakes and pastries.”

According to Millstream, they provide many advantages over standard cereals:
  • Various energy sources;
  • Cooked products are highly digestibile;
  • High palatability due to high sugar contents;
  • No processing fees;
  • High energy density;
  • High in oil;
  • Improves M/D of diets;
  • GMO free.

By back-hauling high dry matter products from the UK, Millstream were able to further cut costs, making these two feeds a “very attractive value option” for farmers this winter.

Both MillRich Confectionery and MillRich Sweet Cake are available in 28t loads that can be delivered in bulk at €249t and €243t respectively.

More details are available on Millstream Recycling’s website.