Weather to take a colder turn this week

Met Eireann has predicted that the weather will turn more unsettled generally in the coming days, with colder temperatures and persistent showery conditions.

Today, Monday, January 14, will be mostly cloudy with some scattered rain and drizzle. The wet spells will be most frequent along the west and north-west.

Today, we should see maximum temperatures of 7° and 10°, and moderate west and south-west breezes.

Tonight will see light rain spread across the country, while temperature values will remain relatively good, with minimum values of 4° to 8°.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, should be dry overall, but will remain cloudy and breezy. Whatever showers there are will be concentrated in the west and north.

Maximum temperatures will be between 8° to 11°.

Tuesday evening, however, will see stronger winds and more persistent rain, paving the way for an overall change in conditions on Wednesday.

There is a risk of frost on Wednesday morning after a cold front sweeps south-eastwards across the country on Tuesday night.

Wednesday will see colder values than we have experienced recently. Showers will be again concentrated in the west and north, but will extend throughout the country as the day progresses.

Some of the showers will be fairly heavy, with a risk of hail and thunder.

Maximum temperature values will fall back on Wednesday, to about 5° to 8°, with moderate-to-fresh westerly winds.

Temperatures on Wednesday night could be as low as -3° with widespread frost and a risk of ice.

Thursday should start off with dry, sunny spells, but will see wetter, cloudier conditions in the evening and during the night, particularly in the west.

Daytime temperatures on Thursday should reach highs of 4° to 7°, which will fall back to 1° to 4° during the night.

Friday and the weekend should see similar conditions, with a risk of frost, particularly on Sunday night.

Drying and spraying conditions

Drying conditions will fluctuate throughout the coming days, but will be mostly poor due to cloudy conditions, while there will be very few opportunities for spraying, if any at all.

Finally, soil conditions will likely deteriorate as the week progresses, especially in Atlantic coastal areas.