New year begins with drier conditions but cooler temperatures

The first week of the New Year will see rainfall levels considerably below average for this time of year, but temperatures are set to return to normal after an unseasonably mild Christmas.

That’s according to Met Eireann’s latest forecasts, which was issued on Tuesday, January 1 (New Year’s Day).

Rainfall in the coming seven days will only be between 0 and 30% of the normal weekly rainfall, thanks to a spell of high pressure predominating over the next week.

Met Eireann expects that the country will see only trace amounts of rainfall throughout the country in the first week of 2019, mainly in the south, southeast, and along Atlantic coasts.

However, the drier conditions will be accompanied by cooler, even frosty, temperatures in the same period, more in line with what to expect for this time of year.

Air temperatures had been about 3° – 4° above average in the last week of 2018, but these values will fall back in the coming days – with average lows of between 0° and 3° – resulting in an increased risk of frost by night.

As the high pressure spell continues, sunshine levels will increase this week, after a dull Christmas period with very little sunshine recorded.

As with the rainfall levels, the south and west will be the exception where the temperature is concerned, with lows of between 4° and 7°.

Winds will be light from the southeast, allowing for some good opportunities for spraying this week, according to Met Eireann.

Drying conditions will be moderate, with the low rainfall allowing waterlogged soils to become less saturated, while better-than-average soil temperatures has resulted in some grass growth in certain regions.

National Outlook

Looking at the national forecast, which Met Eireann issued today, January 2, we can expect bright spells, but with some cloud cover, over the next 24 hours, along with the occasional patch of drizzle.

Tonight will be much the same, with the drizzle migrating to the southeast, and temperature values will be low enough to cause frost in some areas.


Tomorrow will be much the same as today, but with the scattered mist and drizzle centred on the southeast of the country.

There will be a few sunny spells, but the day will be cloudy overall, with light to moderate southeasterly winds.

Temperature-wise, Thursday will see afternoon highs of about 5° to 10°.


Conditions on Friday will be similar again, though with slightly lower temperatures. Cloudy conditions in the early part of the day should thin out in the afternoon to give rise to sunny spells.

On Saturday, conditions will remain dry, but cloud will extend to most parts of the country by the afternoon. Apart from that, the day will be similar to Friday, but with drizzle concentrated in the north and northwest during the night.

On Sunday, temperatures are set to hold steady, but conditions will be wetter in the north, with scattered outbreaks of rain. However, there is less certainty regarding Sunday’s weather, according to Met Eireann.