The weather is set to remain largely mild with some patchy rain until next weekend, at which point conditions will turn more settled.

Today (Tuesday, June 8) will be mostly cloudy to start with patchy light rain, drizzle and mist along southern coasts.

Hazy spells of sunshine will break through as the days goes on, but it will remain largely cloudy in western and southern coastal counties with outbreaks of rain at times. Highest temperatures today will be 15° to 20°, coolest in southern coastal areas in a moderate southerly breeze.

Tonight will be a rather cloudy night with patchy rain and drizzle turning heavy and persistent at times, particularly in the north of the country. Lowest temperatures will be 13° or 14° with light to moderate southerly winds.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, June 9), rain and drizzle will turn patchy through the day with sunshine gradually breaking through. Cloudier conditions will persist across west and northwest counties, with lingering mist and drizzle at the coast.

It will be warm and humid tomorrow, with temperatures of 17° to 22°, a little cooler along western and southern coasts, in moderate southerly breezes.

Wednesday night will be cloudy with rain around the south and west coasts, though largely dry elsewhere. It will be another humid and rather warm night with lowest temperatures of 12° to 15°, in moderate southerly breezes.

Thursday (June 10) will be warm, humid and breezy with scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle. There will be drier weather across the eastern half of the country with the sun breaking through at times.

Afternoon temperatures on Thursday will be between 17° and 23°, the higher values occurring in the east and northeast, in a moderate to fresh south to southwest breeze.

Atlantic counties will see further rain and drizzle after dark, with the rest of the country staying largely dry. It will be warm and humid at night.

Friday (June 11) will start mostly cloudy, with patchy rain and drizzle fizzling out through the afternoon and sunny spells developing.

It will feel a little fresher on Friday, with highest temperatures ranging from 15° at coasts of the west to 20° or 21° in the southeast. Winds will be light to moderate westerly, becoming variable in direction later.

Farm weather

In Met Éireann’s latest faming commentary, issued yesterday (Monday, June 7), the national forecaster said that drying conditions will often be good over the eastern half of the country. However, cloudier and slightly wetter weather further west will inhibit drying there.

There will be opportunities for spraying in the east over the coming days. Opportunities will be more intermittent further west, with some rain at times.

Thursday will be a breezy day overall which will generally hinder any spraying but opportunities will arise again in most places on Friday and over the weekend.

All soils are currently trafficable, with soil moisture deficits of approximately 10mm to 30mm in the west and south to 20mm to 40 mm in the east and north. Soil moisture deficits are expected to increase countrywide.