Waterford Whisky hits the shelves

The wait is over. Waterford Distillery’s first whiskey will hit the shelves at the end of this week. Distillation began in 2015 and the company is now ready to release its Single Farm Origin Series.

Waterford Whisky is not just made from 100% Irish barley; each bottle comes from an individual farm. Whiskey connoisseurs worldwide have been eagerly awaiting the launch to see what terroir is all about.

The limited edition single malts explore Irish terroir one farm and one place at a time, according to Waterford Distillery. The newest whiskey to the market will showcase barley flavours derived from individual Irish farms and harvests.

The editions

The first of the three Single Farm Origin editions was produced using barley grown by Ed Harpur in south Wexford. This is the Bannow Island Edition and the salty winds and sandy soil create a unique terroir according to the distillery.

Ballykilcavan is the second edition to be released. David Walsh-Kemmis farms just outside Stradbally in Co. Laois, an area known for growing malting barley. This was produced from SY Taberna barley.

Ratheadon is the final bottle of the series; produced from Irina barley grown in Co. Carlow on a rich, loamy soil.

The whiskey is natural; no additives have been used and no doubt many will examine terroir after its release.

‘The primary source of all that extraordinary flavour is barley’

Speaking ahead of the launch, Waterford Distillery Founder and CEO Mark Reynier stated: “I’ve spent a lifetime in the top end of the drinks industry – half in fine wine, half in single malt – and Waterford is the culmination of this rather unusual journey. It’s rare one has the chance to breathe life into such a provocative concept, one of such of precision, challenge and originality.

For years folk have been hoodwinked on where whiskey’s quality truly lies – once stills, then water, now wood. We want to shine the light on what really makes malt whiskey the most complex spirit in the world, the primary source of all that extraordinary flavour: barley.

“I can safely say no stone has been left unturned. No challenge unmet. Thanks to unparalleled logistics, great teamwork, and single-minded focus we can now share our inspiration – this vision, that will one day re-balance the way we look at and enjoy this fine spirit. And this is just the beginning.”

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Waterford Whisky is produced from 100% Irish barley; each farm’s barley is kept separate on its journey from the field to the distillery. The distillery keeps track of thousands of data points throughout the entire production process.

Image source: Mark Reynier

Trace each bottle by a terroir code

Each bottle features its own terroir code. This can be entered into the Waterford Distillery website and shortly into an app for mobile devices.

Once entered the bottle owner will have a host of information available to them from growing the crop to the wood used in the barrel. Photography and videos will tell the story of where each bottle came from.

The first editions from Waterford Distillery will retail at €70-79 per bottle.