Warm weather set to stay this week with highs of 24°

The next few days will be warm and mostly dry and sunny, except for a few showers, according to Met Eireann.

It will remain cloudy in places but today (Tuesday 5) will be warm with hazy sunshine, the national meteorological office says.

Most areas will stay dry, but heavy showers will develop during the afternoon and evening, with the chance of thundery downpours – especially over western counties.

Highest temperatures will hit 19° to 23°, with it feeling fresher near shores due to sea breezes.

Any showers affecting the west will die out and tonight will be dry and calm, according to Met Eireann. It’ll be misty, with fog forming widely inland. A humid night is expected, with minimum temperatures of 10° to 14°.

With mostly warm and dry weather in store, there will be good drying this week. However, there will be exceptions at times where showers occur and also in the mornings and late evenings due to misty conditions.

Conditions for spraying will be mostly good, Met Eireann added.

There is a blight warning in operation for coastal areas due to high humidity in misty conditions which may occur.

Regarding field conditions, due to the very dry conditions, soil moisture deficits are between around 20mm and 50mm across the country.

It is driest in some east and south-east areas with 40mm to 50mm deficit but elsewhere deficits are more typically 20mm to 30mm.

Trafficability is good in all areas and will continue very well this week.


Tomorrow (Wednesday), will be another fine and mostly dry day. There will be varying cloud, and good spells of warm, hazy sunshine after early mist clears.

Most areas will stay dry, though a few showers may occur in the south-west and west later in the day. Highest temperatures of 20° to 24° are expected, with sea breezes near coasts.

Tomorrow night will be mild, humid and misty with fog developing in parts and lows of 9° to 13°.

Thursday will see varying cloud amounts and warm sunshine after the overnight mist and fog clears. A few showers, possibly heavy, will break out in places in the afternoon but most areas will stay dry.

Temperatures will keep in the low 20s inland, while it will be fresher around the coasts with sea breezes with temperatures in the high teens in these parts.

Mild, humid and misty conditions are predicted overnight with fog developing and lows in double figures.