Warm and dry weather up to 25° this weekend…but little sign of rain

Warm and mostly dry weather will feature through the bank holiday weekend – and current indications are that it will continue until early next week before turning cooler and less settled, according to Met Éireann.

It will be a dry and sunny today, although the sunshine may turn a little hazy at times and become cloudier in the west towards the evening, the national meteorological office outlined.

Highest temperatures will range between 21° and 25° in most places, but slightly cooler in southern and eastern coastal areas due to a moderate south to south-east breeze but fresher along the south-west coast.

Tonight will be dry with long clear spells. Thicker cloud and showers in the Atlantic may push in to some western coastal areas during the night, the forecaster said.

Some isolated patches of mist and fog are possible, while there will be minimum temperatures of 9° to 12° in light to moderate southeast breezes.

Drying conditions will be good countrywide for much of the coming week, with good sunshine and warm temperatures forecast.

There will be opportunities for spraying in most areas for the rest of the week and the bank holiday, with relatively light southerly and southeasterly winds forecast.

Regarding field conditions, in most areas, with the exception of the south and west of Munster, soil moisture deficits currently range from 40mm to 70mm for all soils (well to poorly drained) with restrictions to growth presenting in many areas.

The south and west of Munster is less dry, with soil moisture deficits of 14mm to 20mm. The week ahead has little rainfall forecast for all but the north-west of the country, and soil moisture deficits are likely to increase further, Met Éireann says.


Tomorrow will be dry with good sunshine in most places, but cloudier in the west for a time in the morning, Met Éireann says.

The sunshine will become hazier at times during the day with light to moderate southeasterly breezes.

It will again be warm with highest afternoon temperatures of 20° to 25°, though it will be cooler along southern and eastern coasts due to the onshore breeze.

Tomorrow night will be dry and mostly clear with patchy mist and fog. Minimum temperatures of 10° to 12° are expected, in mostly light easterly breezes.


Sunday will be dry and sunny in most areas, though it’s likely to be cloudier at times in the north and west.

Highest temperatures of 20° to 24° are on the cards, while it will be cooler again on eastern and southern coasts.

Sunday night will be dry with mostly clear spells with some mist and fog patches. Lowest temperatures of 9° to 12° are expected, mildest in the north-west where it will be cloudiest.

Monday will once again be dry and sunny generally; however, the odd light shower may potentially break out.

It will continue to be dry and clear on Monday night, with lowest temperatures of 9° to 12° in a light easterly or variable breezes.

Tuesday will also continue the warm, dry and sunny weather with maximum temperatures of 20° to 22° generally, but it’ll be cooler along northern and eastern coasts in light northerly breezes, freshening in the north-west later in the day.