Video: ‘We will close Dublin; we have no problem closing it down’

A farmer and agricultural contractor taking part in the tractor protest in Dublin today, Wednesday, January 15, has said that the protesters “have no problem closing Dublin down”.

Speaking to AgriLand at today’s protest, James Geoghegan, one of the participants, has said that while beef prices are “too low”, carbon tax has become “nearly a bigger issue”.

He noted that the people taking part in the protest are not part of any organisation and are “individual farmers of Ireland”.

The Westmeath man claimed there is “approximately 400” vehicles and “500 – 1,000 people” attending the protest on foot and are from all over Ireland.

He continued: “What we’re showing every TD in the country is that we can block Dublin at any time we want; we will block it down until we get what we need and what we need is a sustainable living.”

This is not even for negotiating, we are not paying carbon tax.

Concluding, the farmer and contractor added: “By tomorrow night, you will know exactly what we mean when we say we’re closing down Dublin.”

About the protest

Tractors began gathering in various parts of the country this morning in preparation for the journey to Dublin, with trailers, 4X4s and machinery of all sorts also making the trip.

The tractor protest is being organised by a number of individual farmers. It is understood that it is not being formally supported or organised by any of the main farming organisations.

In a statement last night, a Garda spokesperson said: “A large-scale protest by members of the farming sector is expected to take place in Dublin city on Wednesday, January 15, with around 400 tractors expected to converge on the city centre from all around Ireland from early afternoon.”