As always, the ‘Sprays & Sprayers’ arena was a big attraction at the ‘Cereals‘ event in the UK last week. AgriLand was there for the action and has included some highlights in this video (below).

Big or small, all markets were catered for – from self-propelled machines to trailed and mounted sprayers.

This year, ground conditions were tougher than usual and this is evident in the video. All machines were put to the test with a few in-built bumps in the course.

Big attraction on the John Deere stand

A big attraction in the surrounds of the arena was the advent of Mazzotti self-propelled sprayers; these machines made their UK debut at the show.

Visitors to the John Deere stand saw a 175hp MAF 3580 (3,750L capacity) model with a 24m-wide boom, as well as a 300hp MAF 6240 (6,600L capacity) machine with a 36m-wide boom.

John Deere bought Mazzotti, a privately owned sprayer manufacturer based in Ravenna, Italy, in summer 2017.

Mazzotti John Deere

The sprayers shown at the Cereals event had John Deere Powertech engines, hydrostatic transmissions, two hydraulic pumps, 4WD, four-wheel steer (with crab steering) and clearance up to a maximum of 1.7m, depending on the model.

The cab features Category 4 operator protection. Hydro-pneumatic suspension allows working and road speeds of up to 20kph and 50kph, respectively.