Video: Lorry carrying tractor and digger strikes bridge

A dramatic scene unfolded earlier today, Monday, April 8, when a lorry transporting a tractor and digger struck a railway bridge in Dublin.

The incident occurred on Amien Street, in the city centre, when the vehicle attempted to pass beneath the bridge in question.

While the lorry passed through without difficulty, the driver underestimated the height of the digger, the arm of which struck against the ceiling of the bridge, dislodging the machine and causing it to swing out across the road.

Iarnród Éireann took to social media to warn of the dangers of the incident, which caused a 10-minute delay while engineers checked to make sure the bridge was safe for trains to cross over.

In a brief statement, the company warned: “Had pedestrians, cyclists or motorists been on the other side of the road, people could have been killed at Amiens St. this lunchtime.

“Know your load height for the safety of all.”

Iarnród Éireann added: “After every hit on the bridge it is structurally inspected to ensure that there is no damage.”