Video: Hundreds of sheep ‘lamp-pede’ down mountainside

This video of sheep almost cascading down the side of a mountain in New Zealand has proven to be a hit online.

The video was posted earlier this year to Facebook by Emmeline Holly Allen and it shows hundreds of sheep being moved along a road in New Zealand.

Going by the looks of the sheep in the video, they were shorn (so no woolly jumpers here) not long before they were caught on camera.

Allen provides a great running commentary on the video which shows a serious amount of sheep being moved.

“Watch this I am so excited. Sheep running, coming down the mountain. Look how far they go, all the way down the road!

“This is wonderful. This is New Zealand. Oh my gosh, look, they still continue on way down there.

“This is a lot of sheep,” Allen says gleefully.

Allen has captioned the video “my favourite video I’ve ever filmed!” She also said that it was a magic moment for her and advises users to make sure they turn the volume on, that it’s half the fun.

My favourite video I’ve ever filmed!! I think? Magic moment for me. Make sure you can have the volume on as that’s half the fun 🙂

Posted by Emmeline Holly Allen on Sunday, January 24, 2016