The scale of the 2016 in Australia was caught on camera recently on a farm in Corrigin, in the state of Western Australia.

The amazing footage was filmed on a farm called Travastar Valley and was shot because the owners wished to capture some memories of cutting hay and the harvest before they sold on the farm.

The farm, which totalled 1,776ha, grew a mixture of wheat, barley, canola and lupins in rotation.

Drone footage captures the farmer cutting hay, harvesting crops and transporting grain to a merchant’s facility.

Captured by Hawkeye Imagery, a company which specialises in high quality aerial photography, the video captures the moment neighbours worked together to harvest the final paddock.

In total, five combine harvesters were working in unison to harvest the final paddock, while two tractors and grain carts transported the grain to an articulated lorry.

Travstar Valley was placed up for auction following the harvest and has since been confirmed as sold by the estate agents in charge.

The property was advertised as being situated in well drained terrain while agronomic management, including soil nutrition, had been a priority of the previous owners.

Although there had not been a livestock enterprise on the farm in recent years the infrastructure included 15 paddocks and was still suitable to Merino sheep or fat lamb production.

The farm also included a significant four stand raised board shearing shed among its facilities.

Additional infrastructure included machinery sheds, fertiliser storage and silos, while water was provided to the farm from 11 dams, a bore, a well and rain water with significant tank storage for agricultural and domestic use.

The farm is also situated 5km from a CBH grain receival facility, one of Australia’s biggest co-operatives and a leader in the country’s grain industry.