Horse in Transit: Van driver stopped…with a horse in the back

Gardai in Dublin recently stopped a van only to discover that the driver had a horse loaded up in the back.

Initially stopping a Ford Transit van on Store Street – close to the city centre – for no insurance, Gardai got a bit of a surprise to find the horse behind the driver, who was promptly arrested.

Recorded on the Garda Twitter page, Gardai poked fun at the incident, drawing parallels to the Rubberbandits song ‘Horse Outside’.

It was noted: “‘Stopped’ your Ford Transit, there’s a horse…. inside!

“Store Street Roads Policing Unit stopped this van for no insurance. It was also discovered there was quite a large horse being transported in the back!

“Driver arrested,” the Gardai noted.

Much at ‘stake’

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Gardai pulled over a tractor and trailer for drawing an unsecure load on Tuesday (July 24) in Co. Tipperary.

Stopped near Cahir, in the south of the county, defects were also found on the tractor-trailer combination.

According to An Garda Siochana, the driver has a day in court to look forward to as a result of the shortcomings.

Documented on the Garda Twitter page, with the usual tongue-in-cheek remarks, the Gardai note: “No lads, this isn’t a scene from Final Destination!

“Cahir Gardai stopped a tractor carrying this trailer yesterday. Load unsecured among defects. Lives were at ‘stake’ with this sharing the road. A court date to follow.”