UK supermarket introduces more measures to support dairy farmers

UK dairy farmers are being further supported by supermarket chain Morrisons as it announced that it will increase the amount of British cheddar it sells.

Morrisons said earlier this month that it is to increase payments for mild and medium Cheddar over the winter.

The supermarket will pay supplements of 28.5p/kg (equivalent of 3p/L) for mild standard and Savers banded Cheddar and a 9.5p/kg (equivalent to 1ppl) for its medium standard.

It said it will increase the proportion of British Cheddar it sells from 95% to 99%. This includes the new Lake District brand, as well as its ‘Milk for Farmers’ fresh milk and Cheddar set to be launched in early October.

Morrisons is the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK.

Morrisons Corporate Services Director Martyn Jones said the supermarket’s move to 99% British cheese in all of its stores further demonstrates its commitment to the British dairy farming industry and it urges all other retailers to show the same level of support for this great British product.

It comes after Morrisons introduced a ‘farmer friendly’ milk, which it says could benefit dairy farmers in the UK.

The new milk brand will see 10p/L of the retail price go directly to dairy farmers.

However, ‘Milk for Farmers’ will cost 23p more for four pints – than the cheapest milk on Morrissons’ shelves.