Despite five weeks of beef price cuts, the prime beef price remains unchanged this week with factories offering 395c/kg for steers and quoting 405c/kg for heifers.

This comes on the back of many farmers rejecting the factories’ plans to lower steer price below the €4/kg mark.

However, prices offered for cull cows have slipped on previous weeks with many plants now sitting at 360c/kg for R grade cows,with some plants still offering 370-375c/kg for these lots.

The plainer type dairy culls have also fallen slightly with plants quoting 345-360c/kg for the O type lots.

The poorer P type cows are making 335c/kg while P grade cows with flesh are making up to 345c/kg.

The fall in cull cow price this week now means that the price differential between prime and cull cow beef has stretched slightly on previous weeks as it now sits at 35-40c/kg.

Base Beef Price 07092015

Cull Cow Price 07092015

UK/Irish beef price gap 85c/kg

In Britain, Bord Bia says reported cattle prices from the AHDB for GB R4L grade steers were averaging at 356p/kg (equivalent to 485.30 c/kg) for the week ended August 22.

It says the trade remains slow on the back of some ease in demand. However, it is hoped that the return to work after the holiday season will boost demand particularly for forequarter cuts, Bord Bia says.

In France, Bord Bia says a slow trade was reported with on going difficulties for exporters due to the suspension of direct trade into retailers. In Italy little change was reported in the trade.