Tullow Mart, Co. Carlow, held its monthly dairy sale on Wednesday (April 14), with the strong demand for dairy females in milk continuing on from Carnew Mart, which saw record prices of €3,600 last week.

After the sale, Agriland spoke to the mart’s manager Eric Driver, to gain an insight into the dairy sale at the Co. Carlow-based mart.

The sale consisted of over 70 head of dairy females, including cows and heifers in milk, in-calf cows, maiden heifers and heifer calves.

Also on offer at the sale were a number of Aberdeen Angus and Limousin bulls, with many of them noted as being suitable for both dairy and suckler cows.

Speaking to Agriland about the dairy sale Eric, manager of Tullow Mart, stated: ”We saw a very positive trade, especially for animals in milk, with heifers and cows being in the highest demand.

”Top price of the day went to a second lactation cow making €1,700, with top price for heifers being €1,600.

“We saw a bit of variation in prices for in-calf cows, with calving dates being the main reason for that – top price was €1,400.

”Maiden heifers sold to a top price of €850, with heifer calves reaching a top price of €320,” he added.

”We also had a number of high quality, well-bred bulls on offer, suitable for both dairy and suckler cows. Top price for the bulls was made by a Limousin bull – he sold for over €2,500.”

Sample prices from the sale:
  • Heifer in milk made between: €1,200- €1,600;
  • Cows in milk made between: €1,250- €1,700;
  • In-calf cows made between: €950- €1,400;
  • Maiden heifers made between: €700- €850;
  • Heifer calves made between: €180- €320.
Sample prices for the bulls:
  • Aberdeen Angus bulls sold to a top price of: €2,200;
  • Limousin bulls sold to a top price of over: €2,500.

Upcoming sales

Tullow Mart

The next monthly dairy sale at Tullow Mart will take place on Wednesday, May 5. For further information contact the mart’s manager.

Carnaross Mart

The upcoming sale will include Dowdstown farm reduction sale of 30 in-calf Friesian heifers, due to calf in September and October 2021 to artificial insemination (AI) Friesian bulls from Progressive Genetics.

There are also ten maiden Friesian heifers ready for serving, 26 autumn-2020-born Friesian heifer calves and 20 spring-2021-born heifer calves, all from Dowdstown farm.

Also included in the sale are 16 in-calf cows and heifers due to calve in the next few weeks for John Leeson, Ballyman House, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

The sale will take place Wednesday, April 21, at 12:00p.m., with viewing starting at 10:30a.m.

For further information contact the mart’s manager.