Driver transporting tractors fined for insufficient straps

A truck driver who was transporting two tractors without properly securing the load has been fined by a court in Limerick.

Barry O’Gara, of Lissergool Tibohine, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, was detected by local Gardai when he was driving at Barnagh, Newcastle West.

Newcastle West court heard that the Garda saw an articulated truck with low loaders. The truck was carrying two tractors which would have weighed around 3t each.

The “straps were insufficient to contain the load”, the court heard.

“When he was stopped he was of the view that they were adequately strapped. He has since fully accepted what the Garda was saying,” added McMahon.

“He is taking the opportunity to do some further training.”

Judge Mary Larkin handed down a fine of €400, warning that regardless of potential material damage, there could be “loss of life” if the straps were to fail.

Best practice

It’s worth noting that the Road Safety Authority (RSA) insists that all loads must be secured, even if the vehicle is only travelling a short distance or at low speeds.

It added that a load shall not be carried on a vehicle on a public road in such a manner that part of the load is liable to fall on the road.

Meanwhile, a load must not drag on the surface of the road whereby it could cause damage to the road or cause danger, the RSA also warned.

Operators or drivers are advised to employ a load restraint method suitable to the load being carried.