Trade disputes ‘generate no tangible benefits to the EU or the US’ – EDA

The European Dairy Association (EDA) is one of 14 EU associations that has called for the EU and the US to “de-escalate the ongoing aircraft disputes” and remove tariffs on targeted sectors that are not directly related to the aircraft case as a “matter of urgency”.

“We do not believe that using our sectors as leverage in disputes that are not connected to us is helping with the broader unrelated issues,” the coalition said.

“While we appreciate that trade tensions between the US and EU are complex with serious issues on both sides, punitive tariffs cause irreparable harm to companies of all sizes and weaken their entire supply chains.

“This comes at a time when growth and job creation is needed.

The disputes fuel a negative cycle; with a strong risk of further escalation, and generate no tangible benefits to the EU or the US.

Affected sectors not involved with the aircraft disputes have decided to speak with one voice in urging the European Commission and US administration to put an end to the negative cycle and work on a negotiated solution, without further impacting the broader economy.

According to the coalition, this is “critical at a time when undersigned sectors and their wider supply chains in both the EU and the US have already suffered significant economic damage as a result of the Covid-19 crisis”.

These countries are trying their best to sustain what can only be described as a fragile economic recovery.

“We hope Airbus’ announcement from July 2020 and the legislation passed in Washington in March 2020 regarding civil aviation subsidies will be seen by both sides as significant steps toward the elimination of tariffs.

“We hope that this will encourage both the US and the EU to go back to the negotiating table,” concluded the coalition.