What item can tractor drivers not live without this harvest?

Irish tractor drivers can’t live without a radio in their cab during the particularly busy silage and cereal harvest season, a recent poll carried out by AgriLand has shown.

Since many farmers and contractors spend a lot of time in the cab of a tractor throughout this hectic period, we wanted to know what drivers thought was a necessity for their tractor.

Some people would prefer to have a radio blasting out their favourite tunes and power ballads over a comfortable seat.

Other die hard tractor drivers would do without these luxuries, as long as they had essentials such as a back window and mirrors.

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Image source: Shane Casey

Meanwhile, working air conditioning can come in very handy when temperatures soar and the pressure is on to get all the work done before the weather breaks.

AgriLand readers voted in their droves, with well in excess of 1,500 tractor drivers giving us their views.

It was revealed that the vast majority would’t be able to live without a radio in their cab when they’re busy hauling grain, grass and slurry – with the device taking 39% of the overall vote.

Second and third place was a much tighter affair, with just two percentage points separating these pole positions.

The poll revealed that 23% of drivers would rate air conditioning as the most essential item in their cab – a comfortable seat came in third place with 21% of the vote.

Going by these results, most tractor drivers are willing to sacrifice their comfort in favour of the sound of the radio.


Only 10% of those who voted wouldn’t be able to live without mirrors on their tractor, the most practical option provided – just 7% of people voted for a back window.

Have the more practical options here been taken for granted by drivers who have become too used to the luxuries provided on modern machines?