The State Exam Commission (SEC) has confirmed that 4.8% of students who took the higher level agricultural science paper in this year’s Leaving Certificate secured a H1.

Out of a total of 6,605 who sat the exam: 11.9% received a H2; 14.9% secured a H3; 16.7% were awarded a H4; 16.5% a H5; 15.2% were allocated a H6; 12.7% received a H7; and 7.3% were awarded a H8.

Meanwhile, the lower level paper – which was taken by 1,140 students saw no awarding of a H1; 0.8% received a H2; 6.9% of candidates were awarded a H3; 17.3% secured a H4; 25.9% received a H5; 21.6% were allocated a H6; 16.2% received a H7; and 11.30% were awarded a H8.

A total of 7,745 students sat the exam.

With regard to the agricultural economics paper – which was sat by 35 candidates – no student secured a H1.

However, 25.8% of the candidates secured a H2; 19.4% obtained a H3; 25.8% were awarded a H4; 25.8% secured a H5; and 3.2% obtained a H6.

No candidates received a H7 or H8 in this exam.

The 58,787 students who took the state exams this year received their results on Tuesday, August 13.

From 2:00pm today, Thursday, August 15, the CAO Round One offers will be available on:

A spokesperson for CAO said that, this year, there will be no paper offer notices in Round One.

The acceptance date for Round One offers is no later than Friday, August 23, at 5:15pm.

She continued: “Offers may be accepted online only.

“Round Two offers will be available on the CAO website from 10:00am on Wednesday, August 28. There will be no paper offer notices for Round Two.

“The reply date for Round Two offers is no later than Friday, August 30, at 5:15pm.”

Meanwhile, to date, 12,124 offers have been issued by CAO in Round A and Round Zero to a total of 9,792 applicants.