‘The store trade is performing well for the time of year’ – Padraig McElroy

‘The store trade is performing well for the time of year’ according to Carnaross Mart manager, Padraig McElroy.

AgriLand chatted with Padraig after Thursday’s sale of heifers and cull cows to get his view on how cattle were trading this week at the Meath-based mart.

Speaking on the sale of cull cows and heifers, he stated: “We had a big sale on Thursday, there was 240 heifers and 160 cows on offer.

“It was a serious trade for forward-type heifers this week, they sold as high as €2.80/kg for a Charolais heifer weighing 650kg – she made €1,820.

“Overall, forward-type cattle were in demand, there was no denying that.

The quality continental store heifers were making up to €2.30-2.40/kg. Angus heifers made as far as €2.20/kg.

“The lighter store bullocks would have sold up to €2.50/kg this week during Monday’s sale.

“The cull cows were a steady trade, they were more or less getting similar prices to what was seen before Christmas. In saying that, they sold up to €2.27/kg for an 800kg Limousin – she made €1,820.

“At our weanling sale on Tuesday, there is no real change to what was seen before Christmas. The good Charolais heifers and bulls were still fit to make up to €3.00/kg.”

The mart also held its first calf sale of 2021 on Monday (January 18), Padraig stated:

“The calf sale had a good enough trade this week. Friesian bull calves were making from €35/head up to €180/head.

“Angus and Hereford bull and heifer calves would have averaged €300/head, they ranged from €170/head up to €340/head. Continental calves sold up to €500-520/head.”

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