Tesco Ireland has no plans to carry ‘fair for farmers’ price guarantee

Tesco has unveiled a new Fair For Farmers Guarantee on all of its fresh milk, designed to inform its customers of its pricing scheme for farmers.

However, Tesco Ireland has said that it has no immediate plans to roll out a similar scheme in Ireland.

According to the supermarket giant, the Fair For Farmers Guarantee in the UK explains how every pint of milk sold at Tesco is 100% British and provides customers with information on the price Tesco pays to all of its dairy farmers.

In the UK, it sources all of its fresh milk from the 600 British farmers who make up the Sustainable Dairy Group (TSDG).

Matt Simister, Commercial Director for Fresh Food at Tesco, said since the Sustainable Dairy Group was founded in 2007, it has worked in partnership with our farmers to ensure they have a sustainable long term future.

“When customers buy our milk they want to know our farmers are fairly treated and their cows are well cared for, so we’ve introduced the Fair For Farmers Guarantee on all our milk to give them peace of mind that they’re supporting British farmers with every pint of milk they buy.”

He said that while prices may fluctuate in shops, the supermarket pays farmers a price above the cost of production, set for three months at a time, ensuring they have a stable income, no matter what happens in the market.

Dairy farmer and Committee Chairman James Stephen, who has worked with the supermarket for eight years, said such stability and support is necessary for farmers.

“As a lifelong dairy farmer I’ve seen first-hand how important the stability and support from the retail industry is to help us plan for the future. For over eight years I have worked with Tesco, who continue to pay British dairy farmers above the cost of production price for our milk, so that we can focus on the things that matter most- caring for our cows and producing high quality milk.”

Tesco Fair For Farmers Guarantee

  • Every farmer is paid fairly for every pint of milk:
    Tesco dairy farmers get a fair deal, with a price above the cost of production for their fresh milk, so even if we drop the price of milk for customers, our farmers get paid the same.
  • Every pint is 100% British:
    We work with dairy farmers from across England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Every cow is well cared for:
    We have some of the best and award winning farmers across the country, whose priority is the health and well-being of their cows. Shoppers can be confident that our milk is produced to high standards and with the very best care and attention. All Tesco dairy farmers receiving the Guarantee must adhere to the nationally recognised Red Tractor assurance scheme, as well as additional Tesco welfare standards on cow health and welfare.
Source: Tesco
Source: Tesco