The Teagasc BEEF2022 Open Day was officially launched at an event today (Monday, May 23) at the Grange Animal and Grassland, Research and Innovation Centre in Co. Meath.

The BEEF2022 Open Day will be sponsored by FBD Trust and is set to take place in six weeks’ time, on Tuesday, July 5.

The theme of this year’s event will be ‘Supporting Sustainable Beef Farming’.

All aspects of the term ‘sustainable’ will be explored on the day, including economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The open day is taking in the midst of unprecedented rises in costs of fertiliser, feed and fuel inputs for beef farmers and these issues will be addressed in detail at the event.

Speaking at the launch of the open day, Teagasc director Prof. Frank O’Mara said: “There are significant challenges in relation to overall profitability, the market for grass-fed beef as a high quality, sustainable human food protein source is strong.”

Teagasc’s beef enterprise leader at Teagasc Grange, Paul Crosson said: “The focus of the BEEF2022 Open Day will be on the application of technologies that will help beef farmers increase the profitability and environmental sustainability of their family farm businesses.

“Technologies in relation to grazing management; animal nutrition; beef genetics; reproductive management; animal health; and farm planning, will be essential to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of the Irish beef sector.” 

FBD Trust’s Michael Berkery also spoke at the launch. He said: “Research and education are the lifeblood of the modern and progressive farming sector we have in Ireland today.

“The flow of research-backed knowledge, and new technologies onto family farms, is critical to enhancing the sustainability of the beef sector.”

Head of the Teagasc Drystock Knowledge Transfer Department, Pearse Kelly added: “A key concern at present is the historically high input prices that have impacted on production costs for beef farms.

“The implications of these price rises, and strategies to mitigate their impacts on farm profitability, will be discussed in detail and highlighted at our open day on July 5.”

The format of the day will consist of four main stands which will address the key issues facing beef farmers, followed by ‘Technology Villages’ which will provide detailed information on the latest research and management practices for efficient beef production systems.

Key industry representatives including the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine (DAFM); the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF); Animal Health Ireland (AHI); Bord Bia; Meat Industry Ireland (MII); Meat Technology Ireland; University College Dublin (UCD); and the Health and Safety Authority, will be participating.