Teagasc will be hosting a Sheep Open Day in Athenry on Saturday (June 18) and will review the latest research and technical advice from the Teagasc Sheep programme.

On the day, Teagasc experts will be discussing all the main areas important to Irish sheep production with a mix of technical presentations and interactive workshops and demonstrations.

Input costs have increased on every farm this year, so it is more important now than ever to use the latest technologies and technical information on your farm to try and offset some of the cost inflations.

Topics of the day

At the first main stand, Teagasc experts will be discussing sustainable systems. They will talk through the role of white clover swards and other companion forages that enhance animal performance and discuss the economic and environmental challenges facing the sector

The theme of the next stand is breeding for longevity. Teagasc experts will present up to date information on maternal genetic index selection for sheep, and discuss how replacement strategies and management can impact ewe longevity and output

On stand three, discussions will be held about the parasite challenge and the ever-increasing anthelmintic resistance issue facing the industry. Experts will also talk through the key actions that farmers can take to slow the development of resistance.

Finally, on stand four there will be talks about hill sheep production, where experts will be presenting results from the ongoing hill lamb finishing studies in Athenry. There will also be updates provided from the Teagasc sheep BETTER farm programme.


In addition, a series of workshops and interactive demonstrations will run through the topical issues relating to each of the main areas of sheep production including: Grass forage; breeding; health; and production systems.

Grass and Forage:
  • Clover incorporation and grassland management to maximise growth;
  • Grassland management to maximise growth.
  • Value of commercial recording;
  • How to use the breeding indexes.
  • Understanding the role of faecal egg counts and how to incorporate into management plans;
  • Strategies to slow the development of parasite resistance on your farm.
Production systems:
  • Lamb finishing options;
  • Meet with Sheep BETTER farm participants and hear how they have put research into practice on their farms.

In-person event

There will be a special emphasis on the current challenges around feed, fodder and fertiliser costs, and steps that can be taken to address this issue.

There will also be an opportunity to review the wider research programme and meet with advisors, researchers, students and technical staff.  

Staff from other Teagasc programmes such as Organics, Environment, Forestry, Education and Health and Safety, will also be available to provide information and advice relevant to the sheep industry.

Teagasc are delighted to welcome attendees to in-person events again. This will be a day not to be missed for anyone involved in the sheep industry.

The open day is free to attend and all are welcome. 

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