Marc-Henri Guillaume, a sire analyst for Swiss Genetics, has been confirmed to judge Emerald Expo 2015.

Guillaume’s extensive knowledge of Holstein and Jersey cows goes back to his time spent working in North America, Madison and Toronto. He has also worked with some of the best cows in Switzerland and Europe.

More recently Guillame’s experience is in judging top class Holstein and Jersey shows includes Expo Bière VD-VS-GE, Expo Berne, Expo Entlebuch and Austria’s Eliteschau Aargau Dairy Grand Prix.

Emerald Expo 2015 will take place at the Punchestown Event Centre on April 11 with a number of exhibitors and sponsors already on board.

“The move to the Punchestown Event Centre allows us to increase the scope for patrons and the opportunities for our sponsors with top class facilities for exhibitors and visitors.

“We are deeply indebted to all our sponsors who have supported us over the past five years,” show director and IHFA Chairman Richard Whelan said at the recent launch of Emerald Expo 2015.

The show is in it’s fifth year and the breeds on show this year are Holsteins, Irish Pure Friesians, Shorthorns and Jerseys.

The major sponsors are IHFA, Alltech and FBD with others sponsors including Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine, MSD and Glanbia.

Emerald Expo, the all-Ireland dairy event is organised in association with the Irish Holstein Friesian Association (IHFA), Alltech Ireland and FBD.