Surplus fodder appeal made to help flood-impacted farmers

The Individual Farmers of Ireland have issued an appeal for farmers to help each other out following the recent flooding which impacted many parts of the country.

The group is seeking to assist farmers who may be in difficult circumstances in trying to provide for their livestock.

Recent weeks have seen record levels of rainfall in some areas across the country in the month of February, according to Met Éireann.

Secretary of the individual farmers, Eoghan Mulooly said: “We have already had a number of farmers pledging fodder, straw and accommodation for livestock for any farmers severely affected by flooding.

However, we would like to spread to word to any others who wish to pledge anything to alleviate the plight being endured by our fellow farmers.

The secretary pointed out that many farmers will not know the full impact of the flooding from recent weeks until waters recede.

“However, he said: “If any are genuinely under any pressure due to fodder or bedding or housing being unsuitable for use we have many farmers willing to donate to help out.”

Anyone who seeks assistance or “wishes to help out no matter how little they may think it is” is asked to make contact with Mullooly on: 087-6437593 or Individual Farmers of Ireland chairman John Balwe on: 086-8127572.