Supermac’s 2018 contract with Lakeland Dairies set to grow

The contract for 2018 between Supermac’s and dairy processing co-operative Lakeland Dairies is set to grow by approximately 100,000L, according to the managing director of Supermac’s, Pat McDonagh.

On specific volumes, the Galway man told AgriLand: “Last year, it was close on 500,000L. This year we expect it – with the weather being so good – to probably be in excess of 600,000L. This is ice-cream weather.”

McDonagh stated that ice-cream sales – as well as sales of soft drinks and water – have been boosted in recent weeks due to the current spell of fine weather.

With the warm temperatures set to continue over the next few days, ice-cream sales are expected to continue “hitting the charts big time”.

With over 110 outlets across Ireland, Supermac’s has a long-standing tradition of dealing with Lakeland Dairies – which is headquartered in Co. Cavan.

Commenting on the contract, McDonagh said: “That’s all coming from Lakeland Dairies. We have been dealing with them for well in excess of 25 years at this stage.

“We have developed a good relationship with Lakeland.”

Operating within a catchment area covering 15 counties across the northern half of the island of Ireland, the farmer-owned co-operative collects and processes over 1.2 billion litres of milk annually into a range of dairy foodservice products and dairy food ingredients.

It reportedly exports these products to over 70 countries across the globe.