Bargains for bales? Hay prices across the country

Farmers in all parts of the country are taking advantage of the current prolonged dry spell, opting to secure a cut of hay for their fodder inventory.

With price variations of €23 between the dearest and cheapest hay, looking around before buying is definitely worthwhile.

It should be noted that the prices posted below are as quoted on listed advertisements for standard 4X4 round bales.

Taking a look at the trade prices on DoneDeal for hay, the cheapest round bale hay is available in Ballinamore Co. Leitrim at a modest €15/bale.

On the other end of the scale the most expensive hay, noted on DoneDeal, was in Offaly with an asking price of €38 a pop. This was an exception, and is not listed among representative prices.

It would appear that hay is currently cheaper, on average, in Connacht than in Munster with most hay merchants asking for €28-30/bale in Munster and €25-28/bale in Connacht. There are some exceptions, however, in both cases.

Sample representative prices for hay bales on a county-by-county basis:
  • Cavan – €28;
  • Cork – €30;
  • Kildare – €25;
  • Leitrim – €15;
  • Limerick – €30;
  • Laois – €30;
  • Mayo – €25;
  • Offaly – €30;
  • Wicklow – €25.

Small square bales of hay are available in large numbers on DoneDeal at present. The going rate is €3/bale across the country with some exceptions.

Silage would still appear scarcely available on DoneDeal after the late spring this year consumed a large proportion of farmers’ stocks.

Baled silage is available in Wicklow at €25/bale. In Blarney, Co. Cork, 46ac of spring barley and 15ac of spring oats are available as wholecrop, still growing, at €685/ac.

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