Last Saturday (July 2), the Summer Sizzler dairy sale took place on the Maineview Farm of Andrew and Caroline Kennedy in Ballymena, Co. Antrim.

In total, the sale consisted of 68 lots from 27 vendors, with deep pedigree females consigned by some of Northern Ireland’s top breeders.

Speaking to Agriland, auctioneer Michael Taaffe stated: “A very large crowd watched a very fast-paced Summer Sizzler sale.

“Nine lots were purchased by buyers from the Republic of Ireland and six were purchased by buyers from England and Scotland.

“The average sale price achieved on the day was 4,292gns, with a 93% clearance.”

Summer Sizzler

The milking proportion of the sale brought the highest price achieved on the day.

Damm Tatoo Sallie

The top price of the milking portion of the sale, the overall sale top price and a record price in Northern Ireland for a calved heifer was paid for Lot 3, Damm Tatoo Sallie (VG88).

Sired by Duckett Crush Tatoo, she calved last on September 21, and was artificially inseminated (AI’d) on January 21, to a sexed Stauton Chief/Claynook Brook straw.

She won first junior two-year-old and Heifer Champion RUAS winter fair 2021 and first senior Heifer in-Milk and Junior Champion RUAS Balmoral Champion 2022.

According to Taaffe, she had created incredible international interest – with enquiries as far away as Holland.

She was sold however, to Coleraine father-and-son team Cyril and Martin Millar for their Millars herd, for 18,500gns.

Lot 3 – Damm Tatoo Sallie (VG88)
Image source Summer Sizzler

Mostragee Montross Froukje 2

The second-highest price for this section of the sale went to Lot 6, Mostragee Montross Froukje 2 (VG-2YR).

Her dam is Mostragee Goldfish Lauren ET (VG87) and she is sired by Bacon-Hill Montross (EX92). Calved since March 23, she is milking 34.5kg of milk and sold for 4,000gns.

Carrowcroft Rubicon Cinderella

The third-highest price of the milking portion of the sale went to Lot 5, Carrowcroft Rubicon Cinderella (VG-2YR).

Her dam is Carrowcroft Outfitter Cinderella (VG88) and she is sired by EDG Rubicon ET. Calved since May 5, she is milking 34L at 5.16% butterfat and 3.45% protein. She sold for 3,600gns.


In the heifer section of the sale, the second-highest price was achieved.

Lislea Hancock Cleo ET

The top price of the heifer section and second-highest price of the overall sale was for Lot 56, Lislea Hancock Cleo ET.

From Lislea Holsteins, she sold for 8,500gns and was purchased by Slatabogie Holsteins.

This January 2022 heifer was born from an embryo imported from the US from the famous Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleo (EX95-USA) who is tenth Generation (EX) cow and who bred the 2021 All-American Produce.

Lot 56: Lislea Hancock Cleo ET
Image source Summer Sizzler

Hilltara Diamondback Cleavage

The third-highest price was 7,700gns, and went to Lot 59, Hilltara Diamondback Cleavage from Hilltara Holsteins in Bangor, Co. Down. Lot 59 was purchased by a Co. Wexford breeder.

This heifer is bred from the Cleavage branch of the same Kings-Ransom cow family that features behind the second-highest priced heifer.

Lot 59: Hilltara Diamondback Cleavage
Image source Summer Sizzler

Farnear Altitude Red

Lislea Holsteins also secured the fourth-highest price, 7,500gns, which went to Lot 67.

Lot 67 is a first-choice heifer calf to be born from two Female pregnancies sired by Farnear Altitude Red and out of the two time All-American Strans-Jen D Tequila Red (EX96-3E-USA) – who herself has already bred two Junior Champions at the World Dairy Expo.

The choice was purchased by a Co. Louth breeder.

Mostragee ET Duckett Black Magic ET

Selling for 6,800gns was Lot 32, Mostragee ET Duckett Black Magic ET.

She is maternal sister to Duckett Unix Vixen-ET (VG88-2YR-USA) who sold for $41,000 at Duckett Summer Selections Sale 2022.

Her dam is Ms Beautys Black Velvet ET (EX95-2E-USA); she won second senior three-year-old World Dairy Expo and Royal Winter Fair, reserve All-American and reserve All-Canadian three-year-old in 2019.

In 2021 she was first five-year-old and Champion Bred & Owned World Dairy Expo 2021 and unanimous All-American fiver-year-old 2021.

Lot 32: Mostragee ET Duckett Black Magic ET
Image source Summer Sizzler

Annalong Adalade Apple Red ET

Selling for 6,300gns was Lot 11, Annalong Adalade Apple Red ET.

Her dam is A-L-H Adalade Red ET (EX) and sire is Cycle Mcgucci Jordy Red.

This December 2020-born heifer was AI’d to three-star Oh Banger Red and is due in November.

She is a potential 10th generation EX, her gran dam is MS Talent Applicious Red ET (EX92) and great-gran dam is KHW Regiment Apple-Red (EX96).

Lot 11: Annalong Adalade Apple Red ET
Image source Summer Sizzler

Slatabogie Ms Apple Tzer Red ET

Selling for 6,200gns was Lot 20, Slatabogie MsApple Tzer Red ET.

This June 2021-born heifer dam is Kergo Ms Apple Ruz Red ET (VG87-2YR).

Kergo Ms Apple Ruz Red ET sold for €10,000 at the La Brassiere sale France 2020 and is a potential eighth generation EX.

Lot 20: Slatabogie MsApple Tzer Red ET
Image source Summer Sizzler