It has generally been the case that tractor power has increased at a rate faster than implement manufacturers have developed products to handle it.

Keeping up with the potential of modern tractors demands a lot of the resources of smaller companies, but Spaldings of Lincolnshire has taken the plunge with its latest subsoiler.

Starting again with the Flatlift

The company claims that its Flatlift subsoiler is an all-new design which has been created to cater for higher horsepower tractors while maintaining a low running cost.

The build quality and efficient soil-loosening characteristics have been retained, it says, along with the option of an automatic reset leg protection device.

Spaldings subsoiler soil
The tines are claimed to slip easily through the ground without causing excessive movement of the soil

The latest version incorporates a strong box-section frame to cope with the stress of operating on powerful tractors in heavy soils, according to the company.

Flatlift optimises soil flow

The ‘V’ shaped tines are said to be placed in the optimum position for effective soil loosening across the entire width, but with low draft forces and good trash flow.

Spaldings notes that “the original Flatlift started the trend towards shallower, targeted subsoiling that restructures compacted soils with minimal impact at the surface. The new Flatlift V Range implements maintain that core purpose and ability but are much stronger to match today’s more powerful tractors and offer auto reset leg protection.”

Although described as a subsoiler, the Flatlift is targeted at shallower cultivations with a maximum working depth of 50cm, which, Spaldings believes, will disrupt the layers of compaction caused by field traffic.

Revitalising soil structure

Restructuring compromised soils in this way is said to help maintain effective drainage, encourage rapid infiltration of water after heavy rain, and enables deep-rooting crops to put down strong, healthy root systems.

The wings are set back from the point and at a shallow angle so that the two components work together to create a progressive lifting and aggregate restructuring action, expending less effort and without excessive heave or soil ‘boiling’ at the surface.

In addition to the standard soil-engaging fitments, the new V Range subsoilers can be upgraded with tungsten-protected and Spaldings own SPLUltra high-performance wearing parts.

Surface finish

An adjustable 800mm diameter serrated ring finishing roller is also standard, this is designed to provide a level, weather-proof finish while helping to maintain a consistent working depth.

Serrated roller FlatLift Spaldings
The serrated roller is said to leave a clean and level surface finish

Three fully-mounted sizes of the Flatlift are available. The V3 with 900mm tine spacing to cover a working width of 2.7m; the V4 with legs spaced 650mm apart for a 2.8m working width; and the V5, works across 3.6m.

In addition to the mounted versions there is also the 4.7m trailed Flatlift V7 deploying seven legs in vee formation on a frame that folds to a 2.9m transport width.