The Wexford Campus of Carlow IT has launched a new Ag Science degree programme which will offer up to 24 students the opportunity to complete their agricultural education in the south-east.

The launch of the Ag Science degree programme was held in its Wexford Campus recently, where the course will commence in September 2016.

Interested students can apply for this level eight course through the CAO and on completion successful students will be rewarded with a degree in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness.

The launch has been welcomed by many within the agricultural community, especially those associated with agriculture in the model county.

According to Pat Murray, the Wexford IFA Chairman, this new Ag Science degree programme is the cumulation of over six years of hard work.

“This is a very proud day for Wexford, planning for this course began about six years ago. This is a great benefit to a county that depends on agriculture.”

The Chairman of IT Carlow was also on-hand to welcome the launch of this new degree course.

“Today is a good day for the Institute of Technology and Wexford, especially for Wexford,” according to the Chairman of IT Carlow, John Moore.

According to Moore, Wexford has a strong history of agricultural education as the first school of agriculture in Ireland was opened in Wexford in the 1950’s.

Moore added that the Ag Science course will meet the central agricultural educational needs of Wexford and the south-east.

The Head of IT Carlow also said that future farmers will require a unique skill-set.

“Those who aspire for success in agriculture require a skill-set, there is a need for innovation and a technological understanding. These required business skills will be key to our new programme.”

This new course will ensure that agriculture and farming will remain the back-bone of the economy in the south-east.

The IFA’s President was also present to welcome the announcement of this new educational opportunity.

According to Eddie Downey, agriculture was the one industry in Ireland which continued to grow during the economic downturn.

He added that there is a huge demand for agricultural education throughout Ireland.

“There is a huge demand for agricultural education throughout the country and we need to make sure the right opportunities are there to meet that demand

“This new course will equip graduates to capitalise on the opportunities that exist within the agri-food sector and to meet the ambitious growth targets expected of the sector in the years to come,” said Downey.