Straw prices down in some regions

Straw prices, while still high, have come down slightly. More straw seems to be available on the market at present.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that it pays to shop around, as there is some variation in the prices being asked for both square and round (4X4) bales.

€30/bale is the going rate for 4X4 bales of straw in many regions. However, deliver will add quite a bit to this price once it gets to the intended location.

4X4 round bales of barley straw in the counties of Cork and Meath are available at €30/bale. The lowest price found by AgriLand in the midlands was €20/bale in Co. Westmeath.

Moving up the country to Co. Monaghan, barley straw is selling for €30/bale. Wheat straw is available at €23/bale and hay is trading €35/bale (all 4X4 bales).

Demand in the north-west

Demand for straw is strongest in the west and north-west of the country. Straw is moving in Co. Donegal for €30/bale. However, prices are higher across the province of Ulster.

4X4 round bales of barley straw are selling for £35/bale in Co. Tyrone and big square bales (500kg) are moving for £74 in Co. Fermanagh.

Prices down in some places

AgriLand last did a round-up of straw prices almost a month ago. At that time, 4X4 round bales of barley straw were easily selling for €30/bale in many parts of the country.

Some round bales of barley straw were selling for €20/bale and under in the midlands. However, prices were as high as €35/bale in Co. Meath and €40/bale in Co. Roscommon.