Met Éireann has issued a Status Yellow warning for rain in counties: Dublin, Louth, Meath and Wicklow.

The warning will come into place at 10:00p.m on Friday, July 5 until 6:00a.m on Saturday, July 7.

The national meteorological service has warned of heavy downpours and spot flooding in the regions during that time.

The coming week will be unsettled and rainfall amounts will be above average over much of the country.


About 15 to 60mm of rain is expected generally which is one to three times the normal amount for the time of year.

The east side of the country has seen the wettest conditions over the last week, with 21.6mm recorded at Casement Aerodrome, Co. Dublin.

The driest conditions were recorded in south Ulster with just 7.3mm of rainfall recorded at Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan.

Drying conditions will generally be moderate or poor over the coming days with rain or showers expected most days, according to Met Éireann.

There will be limited opportunities for spraying over the next few days, with rain or showers expected most days, along with strengthening winds.

Soil moisture deficits across all soil types range between 10 and 15mm in the north, northwest and far southwest to between 50 and 60mm in the east, where there is some restriction to growth.

With largely above average rainfall expected over the coming week, deficits will reduce across most areas by five to 10mm, according to the national forecaster.

Smaller changes in the north and possibly larger decreases in the east will be seen.


Mean air temperatures over the past week have been below normal, ranging from 12.1°C at Knock/Ireland West Airport, Co. Mayo to 14.3°C at Oak Park, Co. Carlow.

Mean soil temperatures are currently close to or above normal, ranging from 14.3°C to 17.3°C which is from 0.4°C below the average to 1.6°C above.

Cooler than average conditions will persist until early next week when temperatures are likely to increase to closer to normal values.

Overall, mean air temperatures will likely ranging from 12°C to 14°C. Mean soil levels are due to decrease slightly.