Spring lamb prices eased back €3-4/head at Enniscorthy Mart on Wednesday (April 20).

Speaking to Agriland, the mart’s manager, Kevin Murphy, elaborated on Wednesday’s trade.

“There were 100 lots of sheep on offer and hoggets weren’t as plentiful as recent weeks,” he said.

“A large proportion of the sale consisted of both spring lambs and cull ewes.

“Spring lamb was back slightly on last week. The hoggets held their value, while the cull ewes met an exceptional trade – particularly the heavy well fleshed ewes. Overall, a very positive trade for the time of the year.”

Spring lamb easier by €3-4/head

There were more spring lambs on offer which were back €3 -4/head on last week. Almost half of these were bought by both local butchers and wholesale butchers, while the remainder were bought by factory agents.

Prices ranged from €150/head up to €168/head, or from €108 to €118 over their weight.

Sample spring lamb prices:

  • Four at 50kg sold for €168/head;
  • Five at 48kg sold for €166/head;
  • 12 at 49kg sold for €166/head;
  • 11 at 47kg sold for €163/head;
  • 12 at 45kg sold for €158/head;
  • 16 at 44kg sold for €155/head;
  • 14 at 43kg sold for €153/head.

Hoggets sell to a high of €168

Hoggets weren’t as plentiful, but they held their own. These were mostly bought by factory agents and prices ranged from €148/head for 10 hoggets at 46kg, to €168 for a single hogget at 60kg.

Sample hogget prices:

  • 24 at 60kg sold for €166/head;
  • Eight at 51kg sold for €165/head;
  • 20 at 51kg sold for €164/head;
  • 20 at 50kg sold for €163/head;
  • 21 at 50kg sold for €158/head;
  • 10 at 46kg sold for €148/head.

Heavy cull ewes make up to €268

There was a big entry of cull ewes on the day, all of which were a good trade. However, the heavy, well-fleshed culls were an exceptional trade.

There is a massive cull-ewe demand from two wholesale butchers who are setting the tone of the trade.

There were some standout prices, with a pen of 31 Charollais culls weighing 99kg making €248 a piece, while a single ewe weighing 120kg made €268.

Sample heavy cull ewe prices:

  • One at 120kg sold for €268;
  • 31 at 99kg sold for €248/head;
  • Five at 100kg sold for €230/head
  • Three at 100kg sold for €220/head;
  • Four at 105kg sold for €204/head;
  • Five at 84kg sold for €186/head;
  • Four at 80kg sold for €170/head.

Sample store cull ewe prices:

  • 16 at 77kg sold for €150/head;
  • Four at 75kg sold for €146/head;
  • Five at 71kg sold for €148/head;
  • Four at 70kg sold for €128/head;
  • Three at 63kg sold for €108/head;
  • Eight at 56kg sold for €90/head.