Sommet to lead the way on ‘new digital era’ for shows

Directors of one of Europe’s largest specialist livestock shows – Sommet de l’Élevage (Livestock Summit) – have announced plans to embark on a “new digital era”.

The physical show is still billed to go ahead in late 2021, however, organisers also plan on incorporating a new interactive digital show to add to the Sommet experience.

The impressive software boasts around 20 features and will allow trade exhibitors to create profiles for their businesses and facilitate communication between show-goers and reps throughout the year.

Users will be able to create their own itinerary for their four days at the show, viewing a list of all the seminars, judging programme and presentations.

Results information, farming news and even a networking tool, allowing visitors to meet virtually, will also be included.

And for international visitors, there will be details of farm visits and the means to use the app to book show accommodation.

It comes as Sommet is set to become a four-day event for its special edition 30th anniversary show.

New digital era

Victor Berthon, head of R&D at Sommet, said: “Even though the Sommet has gone digital, of course it doesn’t replace the physical contact. It is just a new access that we have now added to the show – it doesn’t replace it, it supplements it and reinforces the physical contact.”

Berthon explained there had been three main objectives in digitising the show:

Firstly, to improve preparation for the show so the actual site meetings are more efficient, and that visitors to the show and exhibitors can better use their time.

“Also to connect farmers and professionals throughout the year so that farmers can contact exhibitors at any point.

“And also, the main point is to share new information – any new trends in farming, novelties and farming news,” he said.