Five veterinary practitioners and one veterinary nurse are required to fill six vacant seats on the Veterinary Council of Ireland (VCI), which comprises 19 members – 10 elected and nine appointed.

The election of these positions will take place in September and the term for successful candidates will commence on January 1, 2022.

Some of the main functions of the VCI include protection of the public through the oversight of veterinary education; maintenance of the registers of veterinary practitioners and nurses; registration of veterinary premises; and disciplinary action in cases of professional misconduct.

Disciplinary action
Earlier this year, the VCI said that it carried out three fitness-to-practice hearings in 2020 resulting in five disciplinary sanction hearings.

Niamh Muldoon, CEO and registrar of the VCI said:

“Council members play a significant role in regulating and upholding standards in veterinary medicine in Ireland.”

Veterinary Council of Ireland nominations

Nomination forms will issue on August 6, to all practitioners on the veterinary and veterinary nursing registers.

Voting papers will be sent out on September 15, to be returned by October 13. Successful candidates will be announced on October 14.

A nomination form must be signed by the nominated candidate and two nominating veterinary practitioners or veterinary nurses.