A Simmental bullock weighing 1,310kg broke records in Co. Kerry on Friday (June 10) when he sold for an impressive €3,790 (€2.89/kg).

Gortatlea Mart manager Maurice Brosnan told Agriland that he believes the seven-year-old bullock to be one of the highest-priced bullocks ever sold in Ireland.

In general, Brosnan said the trade on the day was “slightly improved” on last week, but admitted there was a yard of super-quality livestock on display at Friday’s sale.

Another Simmental bullock in the ring weighed 1,165kg and sold for €3,600 (€3.09/kg).

Brosnan described the sale as “a large showing of quality cattle” with almost 400 cows, 80 bulls, 350 bullocks and 300 heifers on offer. In total, there was over 1,000 head of cattle on offer at the sale.

“The trade was firming but the quality was above average,” said Brosnan.

“Quality Angus cattle was selling at €3/kg plus and the same with Herefords. Continentals were making around the €3.50/kg and the odd exceptional continental animal making up to €4/kg.”

Cows met a savage demand also, Maurice explained, with €3/kg plus being paid for some of the good cows.

Friesian bullocks were making from €2.50-€2.70/kg for forward stores and finished-type Friesians.

Overall, there was a 99.9% clearance of cattle at the sale and farmers selling cattle appeared very happy, the mart manager reported.

Factory agents and feedlots are still very active, as seen at the sale, and remain anxious for cattle he said.

Gortatlea Mart is set to host a special sale of E and U-grade bulls in the first week of July and a heifer sale on the second week of July.