SIMA 2019: Flagship Arbos tractor is still an unknown quantity

The last time we came across an Arbos 7260 (albeit in ‘prototype’ form) was at the 2017 Agritechnica show in Germany.

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The company took the opportunity to show off this flagship tractor (pictured) again at this week’s SIMA show (in France).

The 7260 (the most powerful model in the P7000 line-up) is powered by a 260hp, six-cylinder, 6.7L FPT engine. That’s coupled to a 60F 15R transmission, incorporating a power-shuttle, five synchronised gears/ranges and four powershift steps.

Hydraulic throughput tops out at 160L/min, courtesy of a load-sensing system.

The curvy cab is similar to that already seen on the smaller P5000 range.

Meanwhile, Arbos is forging ahead in its bid to establish distribution channels right across Europe. According to a statement released prior to the Paris-based show, the French market is a “strategic target for the company”.

This is why the group continues to “consolidate the dealer and service network developed by the new subsidiary” based in Saint-Perst in northern France.

Stay tuned to AgriLand for any developments with regard to the Irish market.

Who or what is Arbos?

Foton (Lovol), from China, is effectively the company behind the new Arbos tractor line-up.

Since its foundation, Foton has grown to become a very significant manufacturer of agricultural and earth-moving equipment, alongside an extensive range of diesel engines and light vehicles.

Today, Foton claims to be among the biggest Chinese manufacturers of tractors and farm machinery.

The establishment of Lovol Arbos Group in 2015 – Foton’s tie-up with Arbos – signalled the company’s intention to break into the European tractor market.

Though largely unknown elsewhere in Europe, the Italian-based Arbos company had a long history of making tractors – initially under the Bubba name. The firm also produced combine harvesters; the last of these was produced in the mid 1990s.

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Now Arbos is building a new breed of tractors at its base in Italy, with the backing of a Chinese giant.