Silage prices: Sellers holding firm on price with demand expected to increase

As a result of the poor weather recently, many farmers are now looking at their fodder supplies and how far they will stretch.

The potential for some to be left short of silage becomes increasingly likely on a year such as this.

AgriLand undertook a round-up of silage prices – from advertisements around the country – to give readers, who may need to source silage off-farm, an idea of the current prices and supply on the market.

Where to find round bale silage?

Unsurprisingly, a large proportion of the round silage bales advertised across the country seem to be located in Leinster and Munster.

There has been a very limited amount of advertisements in Connacht this week, while Ulster appears to offer slightly more.

Starting off in Munster, €25/bale appears to be the prevalent price in most places, with these prices quoted as standard in counties Cork and Tipperary.

One Co. Limerick native, who is keen to sell his bales, told AgriLand: “I have top quality silage, but I need to get rid of them because they’re taking up space; I’ll let them go for €20/bale.”

Many of these sellers went on to say that inquiries have been few and far between so far this year; however, they do expect the sales to increase as the weeks progress.

Delivery was not offered by any of the sellers whom AgriLand spoke to this week; but most said they could organise a haulier – at an extra cost – if the buyer requested.

In Leinster, prices showed a little bit more variability.

In many counties across the province, €20/bale is being quoted, with delivery costing an additional €2-5/bale, depending on distance.

One Co. Laois farmer said: “Bales are only starting to move now, €25/bale including delivery seems quite reasonable, so I think demand should increase soon.”

Prices above €20/bale have been seen in Leinster, with €22-25/bale quoted in a few cases; many of these prices were said to include delivery locally at no extra cost.

Moving west, to Connacht, where silage appears to be moving relatively well.

One Co. Galway farmer said he had just sold-out of round bales when AgriLand contacted him; while a Co. Roscommon farmer said he is receiving a large number of phone calls from counties Mayo and Galway about silage.

This Co. Roscommon farmer is charging €18/bale, for what he described as “middling” silage. Delivery to local areas is quoted at minimum €2/bale extra as standard.

Prices around the €20/bale mark, and above, have also been reported in counties such as Mayo and Galway for “good quality first-cut silage”.

It appears with silage less plentiful in Connacht, farmers are moving quicker to ensure they’re not left without bales should they need them in the coming weeks.

Sellers based in Ulster have continued with similar reports to those coming out of both Munster and Leinster – there has been a slow trade to date.

In Co. Donegal, €18/bale is being charged for “good-quaility second-cut silage”, which was deemed as surplus to requirements by the seller.

In more southerly counties like Co. Cavan and Co. Monaghan, €20/bale is the going price; while there has yet to be an insurge of inquiries in either case.

The coming weeks…

Round bale silage sellers appear to be remaining optimistic about trade picking up in the coming weeks. With there being no sign of the weather taking an upturn, it’s likely farmers demand for fodder will increase.