Bórd Bia’s thinking house decided to find out how potatoes fit into people’s diets. Over a period of one week and examining 7,866 meals, research showed that potatoes were a part of 28% of meals.

Pasta and rice are the biggest competitors, but potatoes are still winning out. Pasta formed a part of 14% of meals, while rice was part of 12% of meals over a seven-day period.

Lorcan Bourke of Bórd Bia described some of the findings at The National Potato Conference recently.

What were potatoes consumed with?
  • Vegetables – 68%;
  • Condiments/seasoning – 42%;
  • Red meat – 40%;
  • Herbs – 26%;
  • White meat – 19%.

The research carried out also showed how potato usage varied throughout the week. Sunday was the most popular day to eat potatoes. Potatoes were part of 38% of all meals on Sundays.

Image source: Bórd Bia

On Monday, potatoes formed a part in 30% of meals, and as the week went on the usage of potatoes decreased, finishing at 22% on Saturday.

Potato usage varied hugely within age groups. Younger people had the lowest usage levels. For example, potatoes only formed a part in 14% of all 18-24 years old meals.

As age increased, so to did potato consumption. People aged 65+ were the highest consumers of potatoes – potatoes were part of 43% of this age category’s meals.

Image source: Bórd Bia