Silage fundraiser ‘opens new chapter’ in female participation

The silage fundraiser organised in Mount Melleray, Co. Waterford, last weekend brought women to the fore, said chief organiser, John O’Brien.

He said that this year’s event, which put the spotlight on female participants, highlighted the abilities of women in farming communities.

The women who worked together to bring in the silage at Mount Melleray, are stars, he said. “We are very proud of them. They have opened up a new chapter, and won places for themselves at events and shows which have been male-dominated up to now.”

Approximately 40 women took part and received plaques, with Linda O’Brien the lorry driver. “It was all done in great spirits, for a very good cause,” said John O’Brien.

Not alone did the event shine a light on the skill sets and team-working prowess of women, it also was a great social occasion.

People reconnected who hadn’t seen each other in years.

“We were also blessed with the weather, and the voluntary effort in organising the event was tremendous.”

The total amount raised for The Alzheimer’s Society is not yet known, as money is still coming in and further donations still being accepted, O’Brien said. Companies and individuals with pledged amounts still outstanding are urged to finalise their donations as soon as possible.

silage women

The final amount raised will be presented at a function in the near future. O’Brien said he had personal experience of the trauma experienced by families who have loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. “You see them deteriorating in front of your eyes. It is a slow process, and you can do nothing about it.”

While the question on everyone’s lips is whether this year’s format will become an annual event, a decision has not yet been reached, O’Brien said. “We are going to tidy up on this year’s event first.”