Safety first when tackling workload

Tillage farmers face a heavy workload at present, but perspective must be put on this workload. Rushing jobs can result in accidents and so during this busy time safety should be at the top of everyone’s minds.

It is paramount that Health Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines are followed in the current Covid-19 outbreak to ensure the safety of everyone working on the farm. Hands should be washed and gloves should be worn as well as cleaning down the steering wheel and controls in tractor cabs. To get more information on Covid-19 from the HSE click here

The Farm and Forestry Contractors in Ireland (FCI) set out some guidelines on disinfecting the tractor cab last week. To see these guidelines click here

Rest is essential

Rest is essential and so farmers should ensure they are getting a good night’s sleep – late nights and early mornings can lead to tiredness and loss in concentration.

That lack of concentration can also be affected if breaks are not taken during the day or meals are skipped. Ensure that you are eating properly and keeping hydrated.


Making a list and tackling the most urgent jobs first can avoid panic. If the most urgent jobs are being completed and do not end up being left behind then rushing into a job can be avoided.

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Avoid pressure

Deciding to replant a crop may put pressure on at sowing and throughout the season. Carry out spring sowing before making decisions on replanting.

Having a mix of spring and winter crops, as well as a mix of spring crops, can divide out the work throughout the season.

For example, if someone has a large amount of spring barley it will all need to be fertilised, sprayed and harvested around the same time-frame. Planning ahead can avoid pressure points later in the season.