Distancing essential when receiving deliveries

Deliveries of fertiliser, feed, seed, diesel and other inputs are taking place all over the country.

Advice issued by the Irish Grain and Feed Association (IGFA) yesterday, March 16, can also be taken on board by tillage farmers in the run up to a busy period on farms.

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Farmers should always follow the HSE guidelines, washing hands and practicing physical and social distancing.

Advice from the IGFA states that deliveries to farmyards should take place with minimal interaction between the farmer and the delivery driver. Delivery drivers are being advised by the IGFA to ring ahead.

Farmers can then advise the delivery driver on where to leave the products. If the farmer is unloading the delivery themselves then they should advise the lorry driver of this.

Once the load is untied the lorry driver can sit back in the lorry. The farmer can then take off the load.


Straw is moving across the country and farmers should continue to follow guidelines on social distancing. Guidelines outlined by the IGFA above can also be implemented.

For example, if a farmer drives to another farmer’s yard for straw they can park the trailer and stay in the tractor while they are loaded.

Follow the guidelines

Members of the industry should follow the HSE guidelines outlined in the link below. Social distancing and washing hands regularly are among the guidelines.

  Visit the HSEs website for guidelines by clicking here