Contractors issue Covid-19 guidelines for drivers…when inside the cab

Guidelines for disinfecting the tractor cab and avoiding Covid-19 have been issued for tractor and machinery drivers by the Association of Farm and Forestry Contractors in Ireland (FCI).

In a wide-ranging list, the contractor representative organisation outlined measures drivers should take, extending from disinfecting door handles, to social distancing.

The association took to social media yesterday, Wednesday, March 18, to get its point across.

Measures include:
  • Disinfect the interior tractor/machine cab twice a day;
  • Disinfect the tractor cab door handles twice a day;
  • No entry for others into the tractor cab with you;
  • Use disposable plastic gloves to open and close farm gates;
  • No hand contact, no shaking hands;
  • If in doubt check field and other instructions over the phone;
  • Keep a minimum of 2m safety distance;
  • Cough into your elbow; and
  • Change overalls for a fresh one each day or use disposable overalls.

In a final point, the FCI advised drivers to bring enough food and drink to last a long day and take rest periods.

Image source FCI
Image source: FCI

These rest periods involve drivers getting out of the tractor cab for exercise and fresh air at least twice a day.

‘Priority is people’s lives’

Speaking to AgriLand yesterday, FCI CEO Mike Moroney stressed the ongoing importance of abiding by Department of Health guidelines in how contractors and farmers interact, particularly where social distancing is concerned.

“Our priority is the lives of our operators and people [they come in contact with]. That takes precedence,” he highlighted.

Image source FCI
Image source: FCI

To that end, he asked farmers to be mindful of “anything of a practical benefit” that may assist contractors in going about their business in such a way that they can observe safety precautions as much as possible.