Promoting the responsible use of antimicrobials and promoting the ‘One Health’ concept are part of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe’s (FVE) strategy for the next five years.

Vets have an important role to play in controlling the use of antimicrobials, medicines that have to be used correctly to avoid them becoming ineffective, so they can continue to protect animal and human health, the FVE says.

The strategy has five main aims, which includes improving the veterinary profession and promoting the role of vets.

Improving the veterinary profession

The FVE says it plans to continue to support vets to deliver their professional responsibilities to the highest possible standards.

It says to strengthen the position and quality of the veterinary profession, the FVE will focus on communicating vets professionalism; that every vet is accountable for his or her professional conduct.

It also says it wants vets to have the best possible education so that they can have maximum positive impact on animal and human health.

Promoting the role of vets

Promoting the ‘One Health’ concept; showing how, by looking after the health of animals, vets also look after the health of people, is part of the strategy of the federation going forward.

In promoting the role of vets the FVE plans to increase public understanding of the different roles vets play in the areas of animal health, public health and animal welfare.

It plans to do more work around household pets/ companion animals. Some 60% of vets work with dogs and cats, but most EU regulations, and a lot of FVE’s work, focuses on farm animals.

It wants to do more to improve the health and welfare of companion animals, looking at issues such as micro-chipping and pet identification, breeding issues and strays.

Extending its network

The FVE also plans to extend its network, vets often work with other professions and sectors such as farmers and health and food safety bodies.

It says it is essential that the FVE engages and collaborates with these groups and other groups on relevant issues.

The FVE says it aims to further enlarge our collaborative network with strong multi-disciplinary alliances.

Promoting veterinary interests

It plans to better align the promotion of its interests on a European level and at a national level. Building stronger relations with both the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, is also an aim of the FVE.

The FVE says it will continue to speak up for vets and to look after their interests, making sure they are satisfied, valued and rewarded in their jobs.

To do this more effectively, it says it needs to work more effectively with its member organisations and to strengthen key relationships.

Strengthening the FVE

It wants to make FVE stronger from within, getting all members involved and using their full potential so they can lobby on the issues that are important to the FVE in their countries.

It plans to extend its network of translators (including by working with multi-lingual people within member organisations) and looking at new ways to communicate with our members.