Creosote stakes will no longer be available to buy on the market after spring of 2023, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) has said.

Speaking at the Irish Farm Buildings Association Conference (IFBA) in the County Arms Hotel in Birr, Co. Offaly this week, was Dr. Robert Leonard of the DAFM whose presentation was based on recent and planned updates to the DAFM specifications, in which fencing is set to see some change.

A popular choice of fencing posts on farms in the last few years for their “long life” over untreated posts for example, the change in regulations regarding creosote posts will come as a disappointment to farmers.

Speaking about the upcoming changes, Dr. Leonard said: “There are changes coming for S148, which is due to be updated.

“Creosote will no longer now be used as a treatment for fence posts.

“Farmers will not be able to purchases creosote posts after April 30, 2023. So that is a change that will be coming in which will affect fencing.

“It’s effectively going to be removed as being allowed to be used from November 30 of this year when the European Union regulations will be changing.

“So it means creosote posts can be bought to be sold on the market up this date [November 30] and a use-up period for any creosote posts on the market to be sold will be up to April 30, of next year.”