The first approvals of applications under the first TAMS II schemes are set to issue later this week, according to the IFA.

Its Rural Development Chairman Flor McCarthy has said that priority TAMS dairy applications under both the Young Farmer and Dairy Equipment Scheme will commence later this week for farmers who urgently need to do work before the calving season begins.

At a meeting with the Department of Agriculture in Portlaoise, he said the IFA highlighted the difficulties many farmers were facing as the window to carry out essential investment is very narrow.

McCarthy said the IFA was told that where there is other work on the application then a part approval will be given for equipment such as parlours, milking machines and bulk tanks.

He said all TAMS first tranche applications have now closed and the Minister must ensure that all approvals for all sectors are speeded up.

In relation to TAMS I payments, IFA pointed out the necessity to ensure that all funding is utilised before year end as otherwise the 85% EU funded scheme will not be fully used up.

Applications for payment under the TAMS 1 schemes are being processed on an ongoing basis, according to the Department of Agriculture.

It says the Department currently has some 2,500 claims on hand.

These are all being examined at present, with a view to making all payments possible by end of year, it says.