Precarious pallets prove pricey for pick-up driver

An unsecured load of pallets and a long lapse in taxing proved to be a sticking point for one driver in Co. Limerick recently.

Given the propensity for pallets to build up around farmyards, farmers are well used to such paraphernalia, if not such transport.

Local members of An Garda Síochána stopped the driver of a pick-up truck in the “Treaty County” this week for a load of pallets which had been insufficiently secured to the vehicle.

Upon further inspection of the truck, it was found that the tax on the vehicle had expired 1,432 days previous – almost four years ago.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, October 22, Gardaí said: “Unsecured load and a load of summonses for court too.

“Limerick RPU [Road Policing Unit] seized this vehicle after our mobility app showed us [that] this vehicle had not been taxed in years.”

Explaining this, Gardaí added: “The mobility app allows us to cut down on time spent back at the office.

“For more information on the correct way to secure a load, please visit Road Safety Authority (RSA) Ireland,” the statement concluded.

Securing loads

Travelling with an unsecured load poses a number of risks for both the driver of the vehicle and other road users, the RSA has said.

The RSA insists that all loads must be secured even if the vehicle is only travelling a short distance or at low speeds.

Unsecured or inadequately secured loads can shift when a vehicle is in motion and may cause:
  • Loss of control of vehicle;
  • Objects to fall on or hit people;
  • Road obstruction or collision where a driver is required to swerve to avoid fallen items;
  • Failure to secure loads properly may also result in financial losses due to damaged goods and vehicles;
  • Lost working time, clean up costs and legal costs.

The RSA has said that a load shall not be carried on a vehicle on a public road in such a manner that part of the load is liable to fall on the road.

A load must not drag on the surface of the road, so as to cause damage to the road or to be liable to cause danger, it also advises.