August is the ideal time to plant winter oilseed rape in order to get it off to the start it needs, but the crop can be planted in to early September.

The crop provides an excellent break to control grass weeds and improve soil structure, as well as providing a cover soon after a cereal crop has been removed.

As with all crops a fine and firm seedbed is essential for good establishment. Seeding rate, according to Teagasc, should be 60-80 seeds/m² and result in 30-50 plants/m² in the spring time.

Pre-emergence herbicide works well on oilseed rape. If the field you are planting in is prone to brassica weeds, Clearfield varieties may be an option and can be sprayed using Cleranda which allow brassica weeds to be controlled in oilseed rape crops.

Flee beetle may also need to be controlled. Where signs are obvious – holes in leaves – at early establishment a pyrethroid spray may be applied.


The Department of Agriculture published the 2019 recommended list of varieties at the end of June. It included three new varieties on the provisionally recommended list – Alizze, Aquila and Dariot.

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Aquila topped the list for relative yield, with a score of 106. Dariot followed on 103 and Anastasia on 102.