Zetor is reportedly planning a significant presence at next month’s National Ploughing Championships.

It’s part of the manufacturer’s drive to “re-invigorate the brand” in Ireland and to build upon the strong following for the marque in years past.

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Nigel Wilson, Zetor UK’s managing director, explained: “Zetor has and is remaining true to its foundations – producing a straightforward, low service cost product. We build a tractor to a specification and not a budget.

“It’s our intention to end up with approximately 12-15 key [Irish] dealers, all of whom will be service trained and have stocks of both parts and tractors readily available.

“The emphasis [at this year’s National Ploughing Championships] will be to demonstrate our versatile range to the public, as well as attracting new dealers – from areas as yet uncovered.

“We’re currently negotiating a finance scheme for end-users with Finance Ireland. We’re hoping to unveil that at the event.”

Taking pride of place on the stand will be the Zetor Crystal HD 170 (pictured above and below) – the company’s flagship model.

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The tractor on display will be equipped with a front linkage, front axle braking, an air-actuated braking system, a 40kph ‘eco’ gearbox, a short-throw gear lever, four electric spool valves (with timer and flow controls), as well as front axle and cab suspension.

Also on the stand will be a Forterra HSX 140 (with front axle suspension, front axle braking and a 40kph ‘eco’ transmission). Flanking that will be a Forterra CL 120 – a more basic-spec tractor with a “straightforward clutch and gearbox”.

There’ll also be a Proxima HS 120 – equipped with a front loader. According to Nigel, this 117hp tractor has a “massive power-to-weight ratio”, doesn’t need AdBlue and comes with an “enhanced clutchless shuttle”.

New on the stand will be the Proxima CL 110. With braked front axles (in the hubs), Nigel says that this (non-AdBlue) tractor is “well suited to diet feeder work”.

At the smaller end of the spectrum, there’ll be a Major CL 80 (with a front loader) – a “no-frills tractor that’s aimed at stock farms” – and a Utilix HT 55 (notable for its three-range hydrostatic transmission).